How To Bet On The Number Of Cards In A Soccer Match
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How To Bet On The Number Of Cards In A Soccer Match
Date : December 15,2021
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Betting On Number Of Cards In A Soccer Match

Most players approaching the world of sports betting for the first time do so by betting on which team will win a specific soccer match or which player will win a game or win a tournament. However, there are many more markets open at each event, and controlling all, or at least most, is vital to becoming winning players in the long run. One of these markets is that of the cards that a referee shows in soccer matches. Bettors should master this betting market because it can produce multiple benefits.

How Does This Work?

Betting on cards in soccer is predicting how many cards will be shown in a particular event. This is a simple bet, but one that needs study and analysis to get winning bets. Novice players may not dominate this market. However, for the more experienced players, it is one of the most used possibilities. Betting on cards is relatively straightforward as statistics are easy to find. When placing a bet on this market, you must consider several factors.

  • The teams that face each other in a match and their type of play can be more or less rough.
  • What is at stake: It is not the same to bet on a title match or another in which there is nothing at stake.
  • Who is the referee: the statistics of the referees are vital when predicting the number of cards during a football match.
  • It is about special matches, such as derbies or Classical matches or those facing teams with historical rivalries between them.

How Do You Bet On Cards?

When analyzing each match, the bookmakers analyze the participating teams and the referee's history to establish a line. Normally it is between 4 and 6 cards per game, but it depends on each game. Usually, yellow cards have a value of 10 points, though red cards count as 20. Thus, if the line is at, for example, 45 points, you will have to bet on whether four or fewer cards are occurring in the match, or on the contrary, the referee shows five or more cards. The maximum for each player is 30 points, so if a player sees two yellow cards and, therefore, a red card, he will add 30 points. If we bet on over 45 points and the referee shows three yellow cards and one red, we will have achieved a winning bet by adding 50 points.

Types Of Soccer Card Bets

You can bet on several types of soccer bets in the card market: before the game and live bets. You can bet on the number of cards in total or for each team, cards to players, and some more.

1. Bets On Total Cards

It is the most common bet in the card market, and you have to predict whether the line marked by the bookie will be exceeded or not.

2. Cards To A Player

Some bookmakers allow you to bet on whether a player will see a yellow card throughout the match. They are usually exciting bets since the odds are higher than normal, although, in return, it is not easy to predict this type of bet.

3. Cards Per Team

You can also bet on the number of cards each team will see. Depending on the line that the bookies mark, it can be 15, 25, or 35 points for each team. It will take 2, 3, or 4 cards to get them over.

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