Mohamed Salah - Liverpool FC Forward Reviews
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Mohamed Salah - Liverpool FC Forward Reviews
Date : November 30,2021
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Mohamed Salah Egyptian Professional Footballer Reviews

During the last Premier League season, Liverpool managed to occupy third place in the standings. Currently, the team is also in third place. But, unlike last season, this year the team is very balanced and is separated by a few points from Chelsea, which occupies the first position. Liverpool's defense has been its weak point. However, on the offensive side, no other team that equals or surpasses it. For the closing of this article, Liverpool has scored 35 goals, more than any other team in the Premier. Besides, 11 of those goals have been achieved by their star attacker, Mohamed Salah. Indeed, the Egyptian player was named October's Premier League Player of the Month. 

Mohamed Salah: Liverpool's Superstar

Since he arrived in Liverpool, Mohamed Salah has assumed this great team's leadership role so badly needed. Likewise, his offensive ability has made him the most dangerous striker in the Premier League. Also, his playing characteristics make him a complete player, much more than any average forward. But not everything has been easy in Salah's career. After his first step in the Premier, during the 2014 season with Chelsea, he later participated in Serie A in Italy. Then, he returned to England with Liverpool, a team with which he has established his high hierarchy.

Mohamed Salah is not only the league's leading scorer but also a leader in assists. This factor speaks very well of the skills of Mohamed Salah. He is not a selfish attacker but creates plays and scoring opportunities that are also taken advantage of by his teammates. Another critical quality of Mohamed Salah is his speed and the way this great player uses it. There is hardly another attacker with the pace of Mohamed Salah. Moreover, he has an impressive ability to control and run with the ball and look for passes from a distance. In the one-on-one confrontation, no defender can stop him control his speed and strength. Also, Mohamed Salah is an amazing dribbler. He knows how to move the ball over short distances, make breaks, and get out with the ball in his possession. When coming out with the ball in his control, Mohamed Salah can generate goal plays for other Liverpool attackers or finish them himself. This great ease of maneuver allows Mohamed Salah to recover balls directly from rival's defenders while they try to leave their field. So, he can initiate a quick counterattack, which has become a recurring weapon in Salah's tactics.

Mohamed Salah, the captain of the Egypt national team, is aware of his responsibility as the leader of Liverpool's offense. He offers a great display of his power during every match. But, let's be clear: His greatest challenge is to do everything possible so that his team obtains the Premier championship. This season is full of challenges, and Mohamed Salah is a man who has met and surpassed every challenge in his successful career. If Liverpool can be sure of one thing, it is that with Mohamed Salah in attack, goals are guaranteed.

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