What Happened So Far In Copa America 2021
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What Happened So Far In Copa America 2021
Date : November 27,2021
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Here's What You Should Know About Copa America 2021

Due to the global coronavirus pandemic, during 2020, all the largest soccer tournaments in the world were suspended. In this sense, in South America, CONMEBOL decided that the 2020 Copa America would be held in 2021. Initially, the alternative that the United States would host the contest seemed to be the strongest. However, CONMEBOL later dismissed that possibility. The 2019 edition is nearing the end in Brazil. At this moment, CONMEBOL confirmed that the next continental tournament would have an unprecedented realization. So, this new edition of the tournament will occur between two not neighboring countries: Argentina and Colombia.

Important Dates Of The Copa America 2021

The Copa America will be played between June 11 and July 10, 2021. Chile and Argentina will play the opening match in Buenos Aires, at the Monumental de Núñez. Likewise, the final will be at the Metropolitan Stadium of Barranquilla, in Colombia, on July 10. That same day the match for third place will happen in Bogotá.

The New Format Of The Copa America

The CONMEBOL Council decided to modify the Copa America dispute format for this edition. The continental competition will have two groups of six teams with headquarters in Argentina and Colombia. The selections will be grouped according to geographic criteria. Group A is the South Zone, and Group B, the North Zone. Furthermore, a lottery defined the location of the two guests. In Group A are Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Uruguay, Chile, and Paraguay. Group B will face Colombia, Brazil, Qatar, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Peru. Each hexagonal will qualify four teams for the final stage. This stage will consist of the quarterfinal, semifinal, and final matches. This new format implies the dispute of 38 games, 12 more than in the previous format, with a minimum of five per team. Initially, there was speculation about Mexico and the United States' return as the two invited teams. However, CONMEBOL confirmed that Australia and Qatar would be the guests as the last Asian Cup champions.

The Continental Tournament Scenarios

After selecting the most important stadiums in both countries, CONMEBOL made the chosen ones official. In Argentina stand out Antonio Vespucio Liberti Monumental Stadium in Buenos Aires and Mario Alberto Kempes Stadium in Córdoba. For its part, in Colombia, we can mention the Nemesio Camacho "El Campín" Stadium in Bogotá and the Metropolitan Roberto Meléndez in Barranquilla.

Pandemic Preventive Measures For Copa America 2021

CONMEBOL approved changes to the original calendar to minimize travel between venues. In this way, they seek to add rest days for teams classified between the group stage and the quarterfinals. Likewise, the CONMEBOL Council authorized, in addition to substitutions due to injury, the change of up to three players from each country's list once the group stage concluded. The replacements will come from a list of 50 players that each team will present before the tournament.

After that edition, the Copa América will take place every four years, playing in even-numbered years. With this, they will seek to unify calendars with UEFA and match the breaks for the majority of footballers.


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