Rescuebet Partnered With Pinnacle Sports
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Rescuebet Partnered With Pinnacle Sports
Date : September 23,2021
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Pinnacle Sports Via Rescuebet

Rescuebet recently announced a new partnership with global sports betting brand Pinnacle Sports. The partnership will enable Rescuebet to list Pinnacle sportsbook on the Rescuebet betting marketplace giving punters access to leading international sports betting brands. Apart from the recent addition of Pinnacle sportsbook, Rescuebet has also partnered with BigGaming, Xijou Gaming, IMSports, IMESports, EBet, Asia Gaming, Pragmatic Play, Spade Gaming, MaxBet, M8Bet, SBOBet, United Gaming, Saba Sports, and CMD368. Punters can access several gaming partners and bookies through Rescuebet, an integrated gaming sports betting platform.


Based in South-East Asia, Rescuebet is one of Asia’s most trusted betting portals that grants punters access to sports bookies, Esports betting, slot games, live casino games, RBtv, gambling games, fishing games, RB podcast, blog, betting resources, and promotions. In addition, Rescuebet hosts a dedicated section for each betting division within the portal, giving punters seamless access when switching between betting options or making wagers on the site. Punters can make wagers on one or multiple sportsbooks offering several sports such as football, hockey, ice hockey, cricket, polo, swimming, tennis, golf, the Olympics, etc. Within each sport, a punter then has the option of choosing which betting market to make a wager from several betting markets with the odds for each event listed next to the event. In addition, punters can make wagers on several famous tournaments such as the Monaco Grand Prix, the English Open, the Premier League, the FIFA World Cup, the NBA, the Indian Super League, and more.

Esports gamers and bettors also use Rescuebet to follow and make wagers on different Esports tournaments, leagues, and championships. A punter can bet on some of the best Esports gaming teams and some of the lesser covered ones in sports such as League of Legends, Defence of the Ancients, Fortnite, and all current FIFA editions, NBA editions, Call of Duty, and more. Casino lovers can play and win real money in poker, blackjack, baccarat, keno, and online slot games on the Rescuebet platform as well. 

Pinnacle Sports

Pinnacle sportsbook is a sports betting service provided by one of the biggest gaming operators in the industry, Pinnacle Sports. Originally called Pinnacle sports, Pinnacle sportsbook was set up in 1998 and was one of the first complete betting services offered to punters online. Most companies are considered to be established when they have decades of operational experience. Currently, the top sports bet on by punters on the Pinnacle sportsbook include soccer, Esports, hockey, tennis, baseball, and basketball. Soccer and Esports are the events with the most betting options for punters, with soccer home to over 500 betting events and Esports home to over 250 betting events every day. Pinnacle Sports also covers a wide range of sports and games. Some other sports punters can make wagers on, including Aussie rules, cricket, boxing, golf, Formula 1, MMA, politics, rugby league, rugby union, and more.

Pinnacle Sports is ranked among the top, most-trusted, and easy-to-use platforms because of how customizable the betting dashboard is. For example, a punter can view the entire site in dark mode or switch back to light mode. A punter can also view listed odds on events in either a single odds format or multiple odds formats. Punters in Asia and Europe can select to view odds in decimals, and punters in America can choose the Imperial system for ease of access. One more essential feature of the platform is that punters can view the entire sportsbook, including the sports betting content in one of 16 preferred languages such as French, Chinese, German, Italian, English, Korean, and more.

Using Pinnacle Sports On RescueBet

With the partnership announcement, punters gain access to all the features of the Pinnacle sportsbook while also gaining access to all the perks of using the Rescuebet platform. Today, punters can sign up or log on to Rescuebet, add funds to their sportsbook wallet, and make wagers on Pinnacle sportsbook with the perks of a sign-up bonus, weekly rebates on losing weeks, multiple payment options, other gaming and betting options, competitive odds and more. In addition, punters can also access other competitive sportsbooks through Rescuebet, such as CMD368, United Gaming, SBOBet, MaxBet, IMSports, and IMESports.

Punters gain access to other features and the highest betting limits, best odds, a winner’s welcome policy, Esports betting, arbitrage bets, and betting content with Pinnacle sportsbook. Usually, a punter needs to sign up with each sportsbook they want to use or access to make a wager. However, through Rescuebet, a punter needs just a single account to access multiple sportsbooks from a single point. In addition, a punter can evaluate the different odds and betting markets offered by each sportsbook before selecting a sportsbook to make a profitable wager. A punter can also use several bonuses and promotions (welcome bonus, weekly rebate bonus, etc.) through Rescuebet.


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