Cristiano Ronaldo Named The World's Richest Footballer
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Cristiano Ronaldo Named The World's Richest Footballer
Date : July 10,2021
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Cristiano Ronaldo - The World's Richest Footballer

Cristiano Ronaldo has won almost every title a footballer could wish for. This world soccer star was champion in the world's three most essential leagues, Premier League, La Liga, and Serie A. Besides, no other player won more Champions League than him so far. But, his achievements do not end there. Cristiano Ronaldo is the world's richest footballer, according to Forbes magazine.

Cristiano Ronaldo: The Billionaire Footballer

Cristiano Ronaldo sets records even off the soccer fields. One of those marks got it thanks to their bank account. In this sense, Forbes magazine recently published the celebrities' ranking that made the most money this year. This listing is the 2020 Forbes Celebrity 100. With 105 million dollars (92.9 million Euros), CR7 ranks fourth on that list. In fifth place was placed his main sporting rival, Lionel Messi. This amount takes him to exceed the mark of one billion dollars of accumulated earnings in his career. Something never was seen in a footballer. The 35-year-old forward has just joined a very select club. The Portuguese are the third athlete in history to earn at least US $ 1 billion while still active. Before him, Tiger Woods did it in 2009 following his long-term endorsement deal with Nike. Likewise, Floyd Mayweather in 2017 surpassed this mark. He took advantage of his income from his boxing matches' pay-per-view sales. Even football star David Beckham could not reach $ 500 million in total income during his career. Although Beckham was one of the best players in Europe and a media sensation in his time, he is far away from Cristiano.

Cristiano Ronaldo Wins More Money Than The Squads Of Four Serie A Teams

According to the transalpine newspaper Gazzetta Dello Sport, CR7 earns 31 million Euros a year. Thus, he makes more than four times Juventus' second-highest-paid player. He is Matthijs de Ligt, who earns 8 million. Also, even if we add the Dutch defender's salaries to Dybala, Rabiot, and Ramsey, they would not reach Cristiano's salary. Does this comparison surprise you? So, you will be more impressed to know that Cristiano earns more than the entire squad of four Serie A clubs. These teams are Udinese, Crotone, Chievo Verona, and Spezia.

Cristiano Ronaldo Earns More On Instagram Than With His Footballer's Salary

According to The Sun, the Portuguese forward earned USD 52.5 million for making 43 sponsored Instagram posts for 12 months. This figure exceeds the annual salary he receives at Juve. Companies sponsor his commands, and each one of them earns him USD 1.2 million, on average. Moreover, he has products with its brand, such as hotels, clothing, and video games. The footballer has famous sponsors such as Nike. Several factors have come together to make Cristiano Ronaldo the richest footballer in the world. Besides being one of the greatest athletes of all time, he is a star in the most popular sport on the planet. To that, we must add that CR7 has lived the most significant economic wealth era in football.

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