European Handicap In Soccer Betting Explained
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European Handicap In Soccer Betting Explained
Date : February 23,2021
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European Handicap In Soccer Betting

It is a betting market where players can increase the predetermined odds of an event, by placing an advantage or disadvantage on a certain team. A European handicap is a betting option looking to get more out of very unbalanced matches. That is to say, in those where there is a clear favorite that will win in the vast majority of occasions. In these cases, betting on the favorite will have very low odds. Therefore, it will be very unattractive to bet since the profit will be very small. Additionally, favorites can also have a bad day that causes us to lose our bet. In these cases, bets such as the European handicap are an excellent alternative.

How The European Handicap Works

If we bet that a team will win with a handicap, this side must win with an advantage higher than a difference in points, goals, or games. This difference is indicated by the handicap value. The objective of this betting market is to increase the difficulty and make the bookie pay more in case of success. When adding an advantage to a team, this must win by the amount indicated in the handicap. In case of losing the team, the goal difference must be less than that shown in the handicap. Besides, if you lose by a number of points equal to the handicap, the bet is lost.

The difference between this and the Asian Handicap is that the amount bet is not returned in case of a draw. Let's suppose that there is a football match between England and Malta. England is the clear favorite, and its victory is paid at a very low odds. So, you can improve the odd betting that England will win with a -1 European handicap. In bookmakers, it also appears as a 0:1 handicap. This means an advantage goal to Malta, so when the match ends, it will be necessary to add a goal to the Malta squad. Therefore, to win the bet, England will have to win by two goals or more.

Let's assume that the match final score is 2-1. Due to the handicap, you will add a goal to Malta, and regarding the bet, the match result would be 2-2, a draw. As you have bet on England's victory with a -1 handicap, you would have lost your bet. Otherwise, if the match ends, for example, 3-1 in favor of England, you would win your bet. In soccer, it is common to find this market in betting on match results, the corner kicks number, and other options.

Tips and Strategies to win with the European Handicap

The match's previous analysis allows the bettor to evaluate how much handicap to use for their bet. Other issues to take into account are the teams' recent form, previous matches’ stats, present or absent players, etc. The key is not to assign a very high handicap to a favorite team that faces a lower category rival. If you observe that the underdog team has a good defense, placing a high handicap on the favorite will not be a good idea. As in any bet, the bookies apply certain rules in the European handicap. Therefore, it is important to know these regulations before placing our bets. Sport betting websites offer bettors guides and blogs in this regard.

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