Do You Know What Is Teaser Bet?
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Do You Know What Is Teaser Bet?
Date : February 08,2021
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What Is Teaser Bet?

Nowadays, you can practically bet on anything and in multiple ways. There is a great variety of types of bets, among which is the teaser. It is a betting market focused on American football and basketball, and this type of bet applies to spreads and point totals (over/under). Teaser betting is a concept that not all bettors are familiar with. Through them, we can deduct points from the favorite team spread. Similarly, we can add points to the underdog spread. In this way, the winning chances when placing combination bets are higher. Its disadvantage is that it offers lower odds than those obtained through traditional parlays. So, how can you place a teaser bet? We will tell you below.

How Teaser Bet Work?

Teaser bet are a multiple bet where we extend the handicap of every selection. The number of selections will depend on the bookies. Usually, we can include 2-10 simple bets in a teaser. In addition to the number of selections to include, it is crucial to choose wisely the number of points to add or subtract. As it is a combined bet, it is necessary to hit every single prediction included winning. Odds change depending on the number of points to add or subtract. The bookies allow you to add or deduct 6, 6.5, and 7 points regarding American football. Some allow 10-point teasers but only in specific betting market, such as total points.

In basketball, we can also place teaser bets. We can tease basketball matches by 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5, and 6 points. Due to its characteristics, it is easier to hit a teaser than a conventional combine bet. However, the resulting odds will be less than that of a parlay. The payout is usually lower than other handicap bets. This reason is why bettors often add multiple matches to the teaser. On the other hand, if one of the teaser selections is null, this is calculated from the remaining valid selections. Thus, in a teaser of 4 selections–if one of them is canceled, these selections will be paid as a three bets teaser if you hit them all.

Teaser Bet Example

When we choose a teaser, each selected handicap is automatically adjusted. For example, if we choose a six teaser, a spread of -4.5 will become +1.5, and a spread of +4.5 will become +10.5. We will discuss the teaser's operation through an example. Suppose we will bet on the following NFL games with a 6-point teaser:

  • Washington Red Skins +3 at NY Giants -3
  • Denver Broncos +3 at New England Patriots -3

If we bet on the favorites, the point spreads would change as follows:

  • Washington Red Skins at NY Giants +3
  • Denver Broncos at New England Patriots +3

And if we bet on the underdogs, our spreads would be:

  • Washington Red Skins +9 at NY Giants
  • Denver Broncos +9 at New England Patriots



In short, we can say that teasers are a type of multiple bets where we add or subtract the same amount of points from several selections. Thanks to these bets, the chances of hitting are higher. But the odds are lower than in the case of a parlay. It is available in a few sports, but it is still a very interesting option.

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