Learn How To Bet On Esports
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Learn How To Bet On Esports
Date : December 27,2020
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How To Bet On Esports

Esports move million dollars around the world, and betting on these events are one of the reasons for that. Every day you can find in the online bookies' sites a variety of events related to esports, just like it happens with traditional sports. Bookmakers offer more and more events and markets to bet on big esports tournaments. Among the most renowned is Counter-Strike: Go (CS: Go), League of Legends (LOL), Dota 2, NBA 2K, Fifa, and Starcraft 2. In these competitions take part the best players in the world catching the fans' attention.

But, how we can bet on esports? We'll see it below.


Tips For Betting On Esports

  • Analyze the participating players: As in any other sports bet, analyzing in-depth each bet we place is vital if we want to become long-term winning players.
  • Use live betting: esports also offer bets during match play, allowing players to take advantage of those bets.
  • Follow specialized tipsters: keeping up to date with all the information on esports is not easy since there is not as much information as in traditional sports. Therefore, following specialized esports tipsters can be a great idea to become a long-term winning player.

The most classic bets are on the winner of each game, but you can also bet on the winner of the first or second map or bet with a handicap. Besides, you can bet on who will get the first blood, the correct game score, if there will be multiple murders, etc. Likewise, as in any sport, you can bet on a competition's winning team. Here is a brief description of the types of bets you can find in esports:

Real Money Betting

We make real money bets based on agreed odds and receive a payment if we hit our predictions. It is the electronic sports' bet way that is most similar to betting in traditional sports.

Virtual Object Betting

Virtual object betting is very popular with fans of esports. Many video games today use virtual currencies and other objects that can be transferred between players. There are betting sites where players can use objects and coins to bet. They can use them to bet on esports championships outcome instead of real money.

Social Gambling

These are informal bets organized between friends or acquaintances on the Internet about event outcomes. These bets can be for real money but are generally made with virtual items. Keep in mind that betting with people you know only through the Internet is risky since you cannot be sure that you will get your winnings.

Personal Bets

They are also known as head to head bets and occur when players compete against each other for real money or virtual items. Some websites host slightly more formal events. In these cases, players or teams pay to participate in a championship, and the winners are rewarded with the proceeds. Now, you have the basics of how to bet on esports. Then, if you are a videogame fan and you like to bet, you can research deeper about betting on esports and enjoy. Don't forget to choose a reliable and sure sportsbook to place your wagers on.

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