Outstanding Atalanta's 2019-2020 Season In Serie A
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Outstanding Atalanta's 2019-2020 Season In Serie A
Date : December 09,2020
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Atalanta's 2019-2020 Season In Serie A

Atalanta has become an unstoppable force in the Italian Serie A. But, this is not something casual. Last year, Atalanta was able to qualify for the first time after 112 years for the UEFA Champions League. And the Gian Piero Gasperi team's performance continues rising. Those from Bergamo have long secured new participation in the maximum club competition on the continent. Besides, they reached the quarterfinals of the present edition.


The Atalanta of Gasperi

The Atalanta system is based on three center-backs, two wingers, a tireless double pivot, and a fearsome attack. It is enough to look at this team's offensive stats to realize what its main strength is. This squad enjoys demolishing rival defenses, especially when playing at home. Atalanta is the team with the most scores in the Serie A season, with 98. They were beating their closest follower in this statistic, Inter, by 19 goals, when there was one date left to play. This game placed him at the level of large European teams like Bayern Munich in goal production. If we look at the numbers in more detail, we will find that this club made, on average, almost 19 shots at rival goals per game. And when it played at home, it was unstoppable. He left an average of 2.83 goals scored in every game played on his court.

These are the results of an attack in which South American talent is the protagonist. The members of this scoring machine are Colombians Diván Zapata and Luis Muriel, both with 18 goals. They are assisted by the Argentinean Alejandro' El Papu' Gómez, and the Slovenian Ilicic, who also provided 16 scorings. Zapata is the starting center forward for Atalanta. His strength, speed, and technique make him the perfect executor that culminates in goals the plays created by Gómez and Ilicic. His performance gains even more merit if we remind that he lost several weeks at the start of the season due to injury. For his part, Muriel has emerged as the perfect replacement. More than half of his goals were achieved coming from the bench. His changes in pace and his goals have allowed Atalanta to overcome some matches' disadvantages.

The Argentine Gómez, besides being the team captain, is the Serie A leader in assists. This experienced player is the true Atalanta's playmaker. As if this were not enough, Ilicic is living his best season at 32 years old. He has shown the consistency that he has lacked so far in his career. His talent was never in doubt.



Atalanta should no longer be considered a surprise. They are protagonists of accelerated growth, and nowadays they are one of the most talked-about Italian teams in the world. Its results come from work and planning. Behind that results are management and a technical direction that have known how to do things. The club is being well managed economically, and the players' selling has given him strength in this regard. Likewise, working with their young players has led them to maintain their performance. All this leads us to believe that Atalanta will be part of the Italian Calcio elite for a good while longer.

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