A Little Bit About Brazilian Footballer - Gabriel Jesus
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A Little Bit About Brazilian Footballer - Gabriel Jesus
Date : August 11,2020
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Brazilian Footballer, Gabriel Jesus Reviews

The story of twenty-three years old Brazilian forward Gabriel Jesus could be described as a dramatic yet surprising arc. A young boy, coming out from extreme poverty, who soon becomes one of the world's most notable players. Nowadays, he's a rising star at Premier League's Manchester City. Gabriel Jesus grew up in JardimPeri, north of Sao Paulo favela, an impoverished neighborhood. His dad abandoned the family, and her mom worked as a housemaid. At night, when she returned home, she shared the bed with Gabriel and one of his brothers. However, such a terrible background didn't stop his will to become a professional soccer player.

Gabriel Jesus arrived at Manchester City in January 2017, in a trade with Palmeiras for 32 million euros. But's it's been a hard test. The forward has a great competitor in Manchester City's very own legend, Argentinean Sergio Agüero. "I have a greater responsibility because he's been the most notable idol in the club's history," declared Jesus. "But I feel that I have already gone through more difficult moments. I know that I am in a team in which I will not be the absolute starter. But I have played important games, I have scored goals, I think I am evolving, and I have more to evolve", said the 23-year-old player.

Gabriel Jesus: the figure of the Brazilian forward

Without including his participation with the Brazilian national team, so far this season, Jesus has scored 18 goals with seven assists in 39 games. This event turns him into one of the most relevant players in Manchester City's attack. A first-level forward in Pep Guardiola's team who's getting as much attention as possible. Jesus has all the natural abilities that any technical director looks for in a player. He has a low center of gravity, an explosive pace, and quick footwork that allows him to be a one-on-one master.

According to the website whoscored.com, during the current English Premier League season, Gabriel Jesus has won 1,5 aerial duels per game. This success made him the Manchester City's attacking player with most aerial duels won per match in spite he's only 1,75 meters high. Besides, he's a versatile striker who can play in any offensive position. This has already been proven on the field, both with the Brazilian national team and Manchester City's side. Despite having a contract until the year 2023, Manchester City wants to guarantee his future with the club, and erase Juventus' interest in a possible negotiation or trade. So, according to The Sun, the team has decided to extend Gabriel's contract. The young forward will soon have a new offer that could be around € 8 million per year until 2025.

Truth must be told, Gabriel's media power has grown like foam. His departure to the Premier League 3 years ago has been a more than right decision in his career. According to the specialized website Transfermarkt, Gabriel Jesus currently has a market value of 70 million euros. Once an interesting young pearl to follow, Gabriel Jesus has ended up becoming a star of English, European and world football. And let's remember his career is in its early stages. A limitless future yet to come.


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