Importance Of Trends & Stats To Define Soccer Betting Picks
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Importance Of Trends & Stats To Define Soccer Betting Picks
Date : July 08,2020
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Trends & Stats To Define Soccer Betting Picks

If you want to be successful in soccer betting, you will have to get used to analyzing betting trends and essential statistics to define your soccer betting picks. This implies investing time and being patient. Although relying on statistics does not guarantee that you will always win at bookmakers, using them will increase your chances of success. In this sense, the analysis of trends and statistics is one of the tools that can help you become a successful bettor. Fortunately, collecting information and statistical data is today a relatively simple task thanks to the many data sources you can find on the internet.


What trends and stats should you use for your soccer betting picks?

A proper analysis of trends and statistics in soccer covers several elements. First, you should look for data that shows you the current or most recent form of the teams involved. This includes the latest results, the positions they have in the standings, goals for and against and suspended or injured players. It is also essential to evaluate what results they get when they serve as locals and visitors. Likewise, the "paternities" of one team over another exist and generate trends. Therefore, it is also good to have a record of direct confrontations between the teams you are analyzing. Also, there are more specific stats that will help you find value bets. Among them are the goals made and accepted both at home and away, or the teams' performance in each half of the matches. This kind of data will serve to deepen other betting options. There are alternatives such as the correct final score, halftime result, the over / under the total, or if both teams will score. Besides, these types of bets usually provide much more profitable odds than traditional bets. This becomes evident, especially in matches with an obvious favorite.


How can you use trends and stats to define your soccer betting picks?

We will give an example to illustrate how you can use trends and stats when betting on soccer. Suppose you evaluate if there will be more than 2.5 goals in a match between team A and team B. Team A statistics show that 70% of their home matches end with three or more goals. On the other hand, the matches that team B plays as a visitor end with more than two goals in 55% of occasions. If you review previous direct meetings, you could find that in 7 of the last 10 matches between them 3 or more goals have been scored. By analyzing these stats, you can determine that there is a probability of at least 65% that there are 3 or more goals in the match. If we translate this number into odds, we will see that the probability of 65% is equivalent to an odd of 1.54. Therefore, the bookmaker should offer an odd superior to 1.54 to make it profitable to bet on that particular option.



It is a fact that bookmakers rely on all kinds of trends and statistics to set the betting odds in different sports. Therefore, you should not give ground to the bookmakers! It is important that you also use statistical and trends to making a soccer betting picks more accurate.


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