How Does Handicap Market Work In Soccer Betting?
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How Does Handicap Market Work In Soccer Betting?
Date : November 04,2019
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Breaking Down Handicap Betting

In handicap betting, one team (the favorite) gets a handicap or disadvantage which it must overcome to win. Instead of placing bets on matches with shorter odds, a handicap increases the odds by giving the underdog a head start.

What are the Types of Handicap Betting?

You can enjoy the handicap betting market in three ways, they are:

  1. Level Handicap

It does not involve any head start to the weaker club. Both competitors are capable of beating the other and have equal chances. This handicapping eliminates a draw leaving only two options.

  1. Single Handicap

In this type of betting, the underdog gets an advantage increasing the stakes for punters. There are two teams in a match, some blatantly weaker than others. Games against such groups and the crowd favorites follow a predetermined path. A single handicap is a great way to make things intriguing again.

  1. Double Handicap

In such a market, the speculator places two bets on the same game. The outcome of the match determines the winnings and doubles the chances of winning but lowers the stakes.

The Working of Handicap Betting

When betting on a handicap market, a speculator bets on their selection by taking into account the handicap.

For example,

  • Manchester City (-2)

West Ham United (+2)

In this case, if you bet on Manchester City, then you must subtract one goal from their final score. Simultaneously add one goal to West Ham United’s score. After all the calculations, the number of goals determines the winner of the handicap bet.

In this fixture, let’s assume Manchester City scores 2 goals and West Ham United scores none. The punters that bet on West Ham get back their initial investment, as a result, is a draw.

The example mentioned explains a single handicap. The next example clears the concept of a double handicap.

  • Manchester City(0)/(-2)

West Ham United(0)/(+2)

In this case, the speculator places two bets. One without a handicap along with a single handicap. If Manchester City beats West Ham United 1-0 and you bet on West Ham, you win 50 percent of the bet with the +2 handicap. The other half of the wager results in a loss.

Note: In both the types, the handicap only applies to your selection and not both the competitors.



Handicap betting increases the chances of earning a profit. It also provides you three distinct methods to place bets,

  • Level Handicap
  • Single Handicap
  • Double Handicap

The working is quite straightforward. The underdog gets a boost in the form of a handicap, and the final result is the total number of goals with the handicap (added or subtracted).

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