Understanding The Green Card in Soccer Games
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Understanding The Green Card in Soccer Games
Date : July 05,2019
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Green Card In Soccer Games Explained

Soccer is continually growing, and the game never disappoints. We are all used to the red and yellow card, but recently, soccer fans were greeted by surprise when the Italian Serie B league introduced the green card that will be awarded for good sportsmanship. This is a way of appreciating and celebrating a good performance which in return boosts the morale of the players.

For example, the match between Virtus Entella and Vincenza was the very first that the fans got t see the green card as the Vicenza striker Cristian Galano was awarded the card. This was after an impressive performance where he admitted that a corner kick in his favor should instead have been a goal kick. The presiding referee took note of that incident and after the final whistle; the player was awarded the card.

Although there is no news yet on how the green card will be used in other gaming events, this is a good indication that soccer organizers are doing all they can to rebrand the game and salvage it from the bad reputation that has surrounded it for decades.

Serie B league president Andrea Abodi was quoted as saying "We need to provide good examples — because clearly, they lack lately."

At the end of every season, players with the highest number of green cards will receive a reward.

However, there are a few rules that will guide the issuance of the green card and to note a few; this card will not be awarded in the middle of the actual gaming event. Although this makes sense, it might be a little disappointing for fans who would love to see their favorite player awarded for putting in a good fight.

However, this is one of the best things to have ever happened in the world of sports, and it is remarkable to see the players get an extra hand of motivation.


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