Understand Lay Betting With Betfame
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Understand Lay Betting With Betfame
Date : April 28,2019
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Guide On Lay Betting

If you a beginner and you have encountered some words that seem too confusing, then relax and let us help you to understand these soccer betting terminologies.
For starters, lay betting is an option on online betting exchanges like Betfair. With a lay bet, a punter can play the bookmaker where they are given an opportunity to offer odds to sell a stake instead of the usual backing of a bet.

Lay betting comes in some other names and its common to find different websites using different words which mean the same thing. Some of the other words you may encounter include: lay bet matching, double betting, arb betting and matched betting.

Example Of A Lay Betting

For example, assume you want to play a lay bet on Liverpool. So, instead of betting on (backing) Liverpool to win the E.P.L title, you lay Liverpool. This simply means that you will make money only if any other team apart from Liverpool wins the title. In layman’s language, by placing a lay bet, a punter acts like a bookie, and you are betting against other users.

A Lay Bet Strategy

Although lay bets have a higher chance of realizing a profit, a shift in circumstances in addition to the available odds are the main determining factors of the outcome.
Take this, for example; a punter backs a soccer match to be a draw with odds of 2.8 and a stake of $100 – the potential profit is $180. By the time the game is at halftime, there is no single goal scored, and now the odds of a draw have shortened to let’s say, 2.0.

If the outcome is a draw, the punter will take home $180 but lose $153.34 that they had laid. This translates to a profit of $16.67 profit. On the other hand, if the game does not end in a draw, the punter will make $126.67, minus the $100 stake which will give them a profit of $26.66.
Lay bets are almost a guarantee that a punter will make some money. However, there are a few things to consider before you can comfortably make money with these types of bets.


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