Betting On The Half-Time & Full-Time Market
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Betting On The Half-Time & Full-Time Market
Date : April 27,2019
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Betting on the Half-Time Full-Time Market

The half-time full-time betting market has been around for some years, and it was one of the first alternative markets used by bookmakers. A lot of people have used it in the past, and although it is not the most attractive market, it still has the potential for profit.

You can use the full-time half-time market in many different ways, although I prefer to use it for two separate bets. The first is to back a favorite to win in the full-time half-time market to enhance the price on them to gain. The second way is to use it to back a draw in what I believe will be a very tight, low scoring game hoping that the match ends 0-0, which means it will be a draw at half-time and the bet is a winner.

Backing Favourites half-time / full-time

This is my favorite way to use the full-time half-time market and this way you will enhance the odds of long odds-on favorite by backing them to win at half time and full time. This makes a bet harder to land, but if I am backing long odds-on favorite, then I would be hoping that they were ahead at half-time.

If a favorite is priced at 1/3 to win the game, then they will usually be around evens to win on the full-time half-time market. This enhances the price considerably and makes a bet worthwhile because being priced at 1/3 the team is expected to win the game very quickly. If that is the case and they do win very quickly, it is highly likely that they would have scored and been leading at half-time, which means the bet would be a winner.

Backing the Draw half-time / full-time

Another way to use the market is to use it when returning a draw. I like this market when I think a game will be a tight, low scoring game. With this, my strategy is that I am hoping the game will be 0-0 at half-time, and then goes on to finish 0-0 at full time.

If the game you are looking at has a draw price of 5/2 in the 90-minute market, which is roughly what the games are then the half-time/full-time price would be around 5/1. This doubles the amount of the bet, and if you believe the game will be a tight and low scoring game, then this is the way to go.

I usually stay away from games where I think a lot of goals will be scored when it comes to the half-time full-time draw market because that makes it very difficult to predict. By sticking to low scoring games you have a great chance of seeing a game finish as a draw, and be a draw at half-time. You can have any combination of the score; you are just betting on the result in this market.

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