Away Teams to Follow in England Soccer League
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Away Teams to Follow in England Soccer League
Date : February 26,2019
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Away Team To Bet On In England Soccer Leagues

Backing away teams can be tough if you do not look into the stats correctly. However, if you do some research, then this can be very profitable, especially if you pick up on trends that are happening at the right time. Some teams perform better away from home because they don’t have the pressure of the home crowd cheering them on, while others play a slightly more defensive system that suits them better.

Profitable away teams can be found and here are some valuable away teams to follow in England Soccer Leagues:

Wycombe Wanderers

Wycombe Wanderers have made a great start in League Two this season, and that is partly due to their fantastic away form. They are thriving away from home so far, winning four and drawing two of their six games. This gives them a better record than at home where they have won three, drawn one and lost two of their six games. They will always be priced up at a more significant price when playing away from home so right now it makes a lot of sense to back Wycombe Wanderers when they play away from home to get the value.

Wycombe Wanderers has started very well this season, and the value is found when backing them away from home.

Wolverhampton Wanderers

Wolverhampton Wanderers are near the top of the Championship, and that is a place they are expected to stay. They have started very well this season at both home and away, although they do have a slightly better record away from home. They have won four and drawn one out of their six away games, and won three and pulled one out of their five home games. It is clear that Wolverhampton Wanderers are an excellent team but if you want to back them then make sure you support them away from home. They are just as good away as they are at home, but will always be a much more significant price, meaning they are a lot more profitable.

Wolverhampton Wanderers will do well all season, but the value indeed lies in backing them when they are playing away from home.


Watford plays a different style of play when they are away from home, and so far that resembles to be operating very well for them. They have played four games away from home, winning three and drawing one, which is exceptional for a team that is likely to finish no better than midtable. At home they are yet to win, drawing two and losing one of their three games. Being a bottom half team, you will be able to back Watford at big prices to win away from home, which is giving a considerable profit so far and it is undoubtedly better than supporting them at home.

I don’t expect this trend to continue all season, but Watford is worth looking at away from home over the next few weeks.

Over to you…

Teams to follow away from home are hard to find, but by digging deeper into the stats, you can discern these groups' performance. The three teams above, Wycombe, Wolves, and Watford, are all showing a significant profit so far when playing away from home and they are undoubtedly worth backing when they travel.

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