How Easy Is It To Form A Football Club?
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How Easy Is It To Form A Football Club?
Date : August 26,2018
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Football is the most popular sport in the world, with club football being one of the most watched and followed programs, garnering large amounts of viewers and money. Although, if you’re thinking about setting up your own club, it’s a lot more work than it sounds. Before you can become an established, affiliated and successful club, there are plenty of steps and procedures you need to consider in order to make all that happen.

The Steps
The first essential step is to elect a secretary, a treasurer, and a manager. The club won’t last long if only one individual is at the helm trying to multitask. The next step is to register your club with the local county football association. They are the governing body for all football within a specific area. One cannot even play a friendly against another team unless the club is affiliated. When the affiliation process is done, a name will have to be selected for the club. One must be prepared for disappointment as the name may already be in use. The final step is to apply to a League, which also requires an application to be submitted and accepted. Unsurprisingly, the process of setting up a football club is an expensive affair.  In order to acquire the preliminary registration and affiliation papers, a significant amount needs to be paid.

Then there’s the purchasing of kits as well as maintenance of a ground or stadium. League requirements such as goal nets and corner flags are compulsory. Once affiliated, it is typical to have to pay a good faith deposit at the time of application which is returned when the club eventually leaves the League, subject to all obligations having been met. Thus, it burns a significant hole through one’s pocket to set up a club, so forming a club really depends on how thick one’s wallet is.

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