Top contenders for the World Cup title 2018
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Top contenders for the World Cup title 2018
Date : June 26,2018
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We are all waiting in anticipation for the Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup. While it is still months away, fans and betting enthusiasts can’t help but predict who is likely to take the cup home. Here are some top contenders that should be a force to reckon with in the Moscow edition.


It is no surprise that Germany tops this list. They are already top in the Group C. This means that they are entering the tournament as champions. In the past, they have shown great resilience and a unique ability to shoulder the FIFA world cup pressure.


This is another no-brainer and a top contender. With big names such as Philippe Coutinho, Gabriel Jesus, Willian, and Neymar, this team is bound to give other teams a run for the cup. It’s a solid team with a record of success, and it would not be a surprise if they won.


The French team has demonstrated great strength in the previous tournaments. They started off well and beat both Sweden and Netherlands in their group. They also have a team of great players that will be looking to etch their names in history and carry the cup home.


This is another team to watch out for. Holding the runners-up position in 2014, we can be sure that they will do their best to clinch the cup. Argentina is best known for its attacking talent with big names such as Lionel Messi. Messi will have a heavy burden because all eyes will be on him to deliver the win for Argentina.

While there is lots of room for surprises and we have already seen some such as Italy, Netherlands and Chile failing to make it in the qualifiers, these teams are some of the top contenders to watch out for.

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