World Cup 2018: Who are your favorites?
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World Cup 2018: Who are your favorites?
Date : June 19,2018
Author : Oscar Holt Categories : World Cup 2018 is about here and with 32 nations participating, one is spoilt for choice on choosing their favorite team. However, the favorite team, according to one’s expectations is the winning team until we get to the field and go to the finals.

What are your predictions for this season? Will you place your bet on Brazil and Germany?
There are other strong teams in the qualifiers where you can set your bet too. The fact is, any team that has won the cup previously is a likely winner.

Favorite teams of the year
As said earlier all teams are favorable for a win. There are giants in the game who dominate the world cup and are higher placed than other teams.

Some people have tried to hit the headlines with a prediction of Brazil and Germany. What about other teams that include Spain, England, Portugal, and France?

Russia is the host and will not want to disappoint. Therefore, the probability of getting the possible champions this year depends on how the team performs in their groups.

According to Optus world, cup prediction is built on previous performances.

Though Optus have their banner high for Brazil and hopefuls of Argentina, France, Germany, and France, Belgium and England are likely to get to the finals.

Belgium will face England in group G, and we wait to see the giant who will fall out along the way. In group F, Germany appears to have some luck against the competitors.

South Korea will keep them on their toes to win. The current world champions Brazil have to fight it out in their group with Switzerland, Costa Rica, and Serbia. However, they have to prove they are still the lions.

Group G has the 2010 Champions Spain. They face Portugal in the same group which will see who gets eliminated first.

To win the World Cup, each team will have to work hard despite their fame.

Russia will have an advantage over all other teams for being hosts, but that does not guarantee them to win. The attacking and defensive strength of each side depends on their previous performances which include the international matches, 2010 and 2014 world cup performance.

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