Seven facts that make Messi better than Ronaldo
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Seven facts that make Messi better than Ronaldo
Date : May 25,2018
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We are so lucky to live in an era where we can see two of the best players to ever play this beautiful game, in the same league. There’s little doubt that this is the toughest argument when it comes to comparing athletes, but here are our top seven facts that make Lionel Messi a better football player than Cristiano Ronaldo.

Messi is technically superior to Ronaldo
This does not mean that Ronaldo is not a technically gifted player. However, Messi makes things so quick and simple that he looks like a real magician. His free kick goals, going past 4 or 5 players and putting in a deadly curling ball in the box requires an enormous level of technical skills, and Messi has the whole package

Messi has better goals to game ratio
Apparently, both players have already done so much regarding developing the Football game that no other men have done it before. But when it comes to scoring goals, Messi is the most prolific and efficient compared to Ronaldo.
His 0.78 goals per game, compared to Ronaldo 0.69 goals per game, speaks about his ability to take big and half chances. It’s simple right, just don’t leave him open.

Messi is a better free kick taker
Ronaldo’s trademark with his three steps back before shooting a deadly unpredictable ball is a real nightmare for goalkeepers, however no matter how elegant and eloquent that looks, it is not as successful as it seems. According to a research, Messi has a free kick conversation rate of 7.59 % while Ronaldo has 6.17 %. Ronaldo might have more free kicks scored in his career, but being some years older and attempting far more free kicks are what makes this fact, irrelevant.

Messi is a better passer
Being a number nine position in football requires not only goal scoring but also unique creating, dribbling and passing skills. Having a clear vision on your next move is something only a few players could boast off. His killer and visionary passes make him far better when compared with Ronaldo.

Messi is not selfish
Yes, you read that right, and I am not afraid to say it out loud. Ronaldo is a far more selfish player than Messi ever will be! Even a ten-year-old could see that.
On the other hand, Messi is all about the team, and he always gets the reward for being that type of player. While Ronaldo is still shouting at his teammates when not getting enough of the ball, Messi is the total opposite. He will chase back and help his teammates even if they’ve just embarrassed themselves by missing a clear goal chance on the other side.

Messi keeps a low profile
Okay, this might be a bit questionable as we are speaking outside of football now, but who does not love a low-profile billionaire. While Ronaldo is all about hot women, fast cars, controversy and big parties, Messi is the total opposite. A regular guy who is married his high school girlfriend has three children and is never seen partying or dragging troubles to his name. In this world, full of craziness, Messi is rare species.

Messi is disciplined
As you may guess, Messi has never been seen fighting or playing those dirty games despite being obviously attempted, swayed and provoked by dozens of opponents.
While Ronaldo gained a reputation of someone who goes down easily and capable of using dirty tricks, Messi is the one to be taken an example of.
His exceptional ‘’army discipline’’ makes him even more motivated and focused. The ability to transform his anger into motivation is what makes him unique.

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