Betting On International Breaks
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Betting On International Breaks
Date : December 18,2023
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Strategies For Successful Betting During International Soccer Breaks

In one calendar year, there is football season, where there is a plethora of matches, where you can’t decide what to watch and what to bet on. But there are also international breaks where players go and play for their home countries, so that can be both a blessing and a curse. Why’s that? Well, there are no normal club matches, and the countries often bring some kind of upset where the underdog beats the favorites with ease. Because of that, in this article, we are going to cover some strategies on how to effectively bet on international breaks.

Understanding The International Break

International breaks happen a few times throughout the football season, mainly because of the qualifiers, the World Cup, and the European Championship. During these international breaks, teams in their domestic league take a back seat, and the matches aren’t being played during that time. The betting changes a lot when an international break occurs because of the simple reason that there is no more club-focused betting. So, when that happens, you need to re-adjust your strategy to accommodate for more riskier matches. However, there are key factors when you are betting on international breaks, which we are going to cover in this article.

Analyzing International Friendlies

When it comes to analyzing international matches, you need to see if the game that’s being played is competitive or friendly. That’s for obvious reasons. For example, friendlies tend to have much more goals compared to competitive ones. The next thing you need to analyze is the squad rotation and injuries. National teams usually rotate their squads very frequently, especially if the match they are playing isn’t as important. On the other hand, you need to look out for injuries because if the key player is not playing the match, the chances of the opponent winning significantly improve.

Betting On Qualifiers

Qualifying for bigger tournaments like the UEFA European Championship and the World Cup is very competitive, and the matches usually don’t have many goals. So, it can feel like team-based matches and not like national matches. So, betting on them could be even more fun than betting on regular teams. Home advantage also plays a huge role in who’s going to win because the qualifying matches are usually being played in the countries that are playing. That means home advantage is huge in those games, both because of the fans and because of the importance of the game.

Navigating The Return To Club Football

When you get used to betting on international breaks, it could be really hard to transition back to club football betting. That’s because the whole dynamics and playstyle are different. Also, there are injuries that occur during those international breaks that affect the rest of the regular club season. You need to pay attention to every injury or fatigue that occurs during the break. Especially if the injury is on the key player of their club. Our suggestion is to not bet on the first few games that happen right before the break, as players are getting used to playing back for clubs and not their countries.

Closing Thoughts

International breaks may seem like an obstacle for bettors because they can’t bet on well-known teams, but it can be a blessing in disguise. Because there are countries that play against each other, there might be some young star that isn’t yet playing in bigger clubs, which means that can be an underdog winning. So, there is a lot of potential in these games, and you shouldn’t overlook international breaks.


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