Understand Handicap In Soccer Betting
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Understand Handicap In Soccer Betting
Date : June 20,2019
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Handicap Betting Explained

The good thing with soccer betting is the wide variety of betting strategies that this industry offers their customers. With soccer betting, there is a long list of strategies to choose from, and it all depends on the punter's ability to use them. Today, we will take a look at a betting strategy known as handicap betting. This type of betting is most suitable for punters who have a solid understanding of this industry as the strategy can be a little confusing to beginners.



What Is Handicap Betting?

In simple terms, a handicap bet is a type of chance that adds a few points to one side of the bet or the other before the start of the game. The sole aim of this is to level the playing ground between a strong team and a weak underdog. For example, assuming Chelsea are playing with Manchester United, a bookie may add 1 to the score of Chelsea, that automatically means that Chelsea is the underdog that’s why the bookie is giving them a head start. Another example is betting on Manchester United to overcome their -1 Handicap. This means that to collect your winnings, Manchester United must win by one clear goal. So, if the usual match ends in a draw, then the handicap result will indicate Chelsea as the winner.

Handicap betting comes in some ways, and the other common type is the Asian handicap. This type of handicap betting is more or so a gift to wagers since it works by eliminating one of the possible results of a given match. The usual results from any soccer game are the home win, draw or the away team but the Asian handicap does not recognize a draw. The Asian handicap works by adding goals which could be in some ways (quarter, half, three quarter and total goals) with the intention of eliminating draws. If a draw (known as a Push in Asian handicap) occurs, a punter gets their stake back.

The Asian handicap has the potential to earn a punter some good profit, but it is of utter importance for a wager to be in line with the overall outcome for them to enjoy those profits.


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