Beating the bookies!
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Beating the bookies!
Date : April 17,2017
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All bettors always dream of making big amount of money when making soccer bets, but many of them do not realize that the bookmakers they use to take bets have an advantage against them, and that advantage is almost impossible to break. A lot of people from the soccer community talk about how some bookies like to hide lucrative soccer games and offer poor odds to bettors. It is not a mystery, it is reality and it has already been proven several times with many bookmakers offering similar odds for the same soccer event.


What is the best way to beat the bookmakers in soccer betting?


It all depends on the strength of the bankroll, but also on the predictions provider. A bettor will never be able to beat the bookies alone, he will need help and that help translates into getting the best soccer predictions. Although, it is not easy to find a reliable sports professional predictor, especially in soccer, which is one of the most used sport in the world to place bets..


When getting a professional provider of soccer predictions, the bettor should take advantage of them to the maximum, making bets with a lot of money to receive big profits. Usually the prediction providers recommend betting strategies, which must be followed to the letter by the bettors.


An aggressive approach


As mentioned earlier, the strategy to beat a bookmaker should be aggressive. The perfect combination between an acceptable amount of money (bankroll) for bets and predictions from a professional, are the number one formula to attack a bookie.


Discipline is also essential to get results during the aggressive approach, since if we miss a day of betting, our strategy could be significantly affected. The attack has to be constant and daily, bookies like to change odds at soccer games to keep bettors away, but if you take bets a few hours before starting the game, you can have a great advantage just by beating the closing odds.


Monitor odds between bookies


It is highly recommended to have accounts in several bookmakers, it is not necessary to have 10 accounts, but with 3 or 4 will be enough. The reason for this is because bookmakers offer different odds in some important events, and with predictions from a professional soccer gambler, you can not waste time in choosing the best odds across several bookies. A simple example would be as follows:


Prediction: FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid Under 2.5 goals, 1.56 odds.


Bookmaker 1: 1.55

Bookmaker 2: 1.59

Bookmaker 3: 1.61


As you can see in the example, the number three bookmaker has the best odds of 1.61, and according to the professional prediction of our soccer games provider tells us that the result will be under 2.5, the best thing is to take option number 3 with 1.61 odds.


The best soccer leagues


Professional soccer prediction providers recommend the best soccer leagues, which are offered in all bookies worldwide, especially in Europe and America. Bookies hide “important games” in soccer leagues that are not very often followed, but those games have a lot of money for bettors. Prediction providers are always looking for betting options in those less important leagues, and they do the deepest analysis in games that have a lot of potential for odds.


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