Predictions For The Top Goal Scorers In The Premier League 2023/2024 Season
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Predictions For The Top Goal Scorers In The Premier League 2023/2024 Season
Date : September 11,2023
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Forecasts For Premier League's Leading Goal Scorers In The 2023/2024 Season

The Premier League is the world’s most-followed major football league. Because of that, it’s the most competitive and fun league to watch. Oh, and let’s not forget, all the big names in football are there. There’s that little thing, too. Most football bets go there because of its vast popularity and competitiveness. Therefore there are more sponsors and world-class football at every game. This article will cover our top 4 picks on who will be the ultimate goal scorer in the season 2023/2024.

Erling Haaland

As nearly everyone has heard about football sensation Erling Haland, it’s logical that he is at the top of this list. He is just something that you don’t want against you. He scored five goals in four matches for Norway in the world cup and one goal in the 11th minute against Bayern in a pre-season friendly match. During the 2021/2022 season, he displayed his full potential with 29 goals in 30 matches across multiple competitions. Keep in mind that these competitions aren’t street football. It was in Bundesliga and the Champions League. It’s needless to say that we are comfortable with Haaland being our first pick for top goal scorer next season.

Mohamed Salah

The second place in our list of who we think the top goal scorer will be in season 2023/2024 is 30-year-old Liverpool’s star player, Mohamed Salah. Of course, 30-year-olds sound bad when talking about athletes, but in this case, it just means experience and nothing else. In the 2021/22 season, Salah shared his top goal scorer title with Son. Although Liverpool has acquired Darwin Nunez, we still believe that he will need some time to adjust to the team and that Salah will remain the team’s primary attacking option.

Darwin Nunez

Darwin Nunez played for Benfica last season and scored 34 goals in 41 appearances. So, naturally, a lot is to be expected from him. But is he worth the record-breaking fee of 64 million pounds that Liverpool paid for him? Also, that could rise to 85 million pounds if specific contractual achievements happen. Money aside, he got talent and will surely be one of the best. He scored two goals against Liverpool in the quarter-finals of the UEFA Champions League last year. So, he has a shot at being the top goal scorer this season. The only question is if he can adapt to the new team and new coach in time. Because of that reason, we are putting him as the third pick for our predictions of top goal scorers in the Premier League.

Hueng-Min Son

It may be disrespectful, as Hueng-Min Son was sharing a title of a top goal scorer with Mohammed Salah and being placed fourth on our list. But those other players we mentioned have a better chance of winning than him. We had to look at bookmakers for this article, too, as they have done much more research into every little aspect, and there are a lot of algorithms. And according to bookmakers, Hueng-Min Son has the lowest chance of winning next season’s Premier League top goal scorer.

Closing Thoughts

Remember that these are just predictions, the historical performance and expectations watch this. These are in no way guaranteed and shouldn’t be betting tips.


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