English Premier League 2022-23: Another Duel Between City and Liverpool?
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English Premier League 2022-23: Another Duel Between City and Liverpool?
Date : July 15,2022
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Manchester City And Liverpool In English Premier League 2022-23

Last season, Manchester City almost did it all. The club had an impressive year, although it was not an easy journey. Quite the contrary, the 2021-22 English Premier League season was a rough and tumbled battle between those coached by Guardiola and Liverpool. All season, these two teams kept English fans on edge as they tried their best to win the championship. Finally, City took the crown but barely managed to pull a point clear of Liverpool. To understand what can happen this season, let's remember how even Liverpool and Manchester City were last season. Manchester City won 29 games, drew 6, and lost 3, while Liverpool won 28, drew 8, and lost only two matches. City scored 99 goals and conceded 26, while Liverpool scored 94 goals and conceded 26.

Manchester won the English Premier League with 93 points, and Liverpool came second with 92 points. The differences are almost non-existent, but as small as they were, they gave City the championship. Now, everything starts again from scratch, and the European leagues are about to start. So, the two great teams in the Premier have strengthened themselves for a long season, thanks to the World Cup in Qatar. But, what is obvious is that the great favoritism falls on Manchester City. If this team had almost everything last year, now they have EVERYTHING going for them. After the transfer market, it was abundantly clear that City got two of the best attackers in the world. They are the highly coveted and sensational Norwegian player Erling Haaland and the great Argentine striker Julian Alvarez. Certainly, Manchester City could score goals. But, just imagine what they will do this year with these two phenomenal players!

Pep Guardiola got away with it and managed to hire Erling Haaland. The young star is just 21 years of age and one of the best strikers in the world. Last season, he scored 22 goals in 24 matches for Borussia Dortmund, and all the big European teams fought for him. Haaland's potential is impossible to calculate. Likewise, Julian Alvarez from River Plate in Argentina scored 18 goals in 21 matches and is a great sensation in South American football. Both would make up a perfect duo of strikers. But, Liverpool has also invested in their attack by signing the Uruguayan Darwin Nuñez from Benfica. This striker scored 26 goals in 28 matches last season. However, he has had a failed preseason start, and many fear his signing was a mistake. Thus, this situation may represent a danger for Jurgen Klopp's team.

The third team that will undoubtedly animate the English Premier League is Chelsea. This club has just managed to hire striker Raheem Sterling, who played previously with Liverpool and in the last 7 seasons with Manchester City. Sterling is a veteran who can play all offensive positions and has the experience to bring a lot to Chelsea's attack. There can always be some surprises in football. But, the truth is that Manchester City looks huge, not only to sweep the English Premier League but the Champions League as well.

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