Top 5 Most Incredible Soccer Bets In History
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Top 5 Most Incredible Soccer Bets In History
Date : May 02,2022
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Some Of The Most Incredible Soccer Bets In History

Every day the football world attracts thousands of fans and gamblers who bet on their teams following hunches in the great quest to win the grand prize. Sometimes, with small amounts of money invested, you can win more than just a good prize. You just need to be as lucky as the people we will name below. Then, we will bring you the five most incredible soccer bets that have occurred in the history of football.

Your Team Can Make You Rich

One of the tips that experts say when betting on sports is that one should not bet as a fan. You must see things objectively! They say. The intrepid Leicester fan that backed his side as winners of the 2015-16 Premier League must have ignored this advice. He bet £50 that his team would win the English league. So, the humble Leicester was proclaimed, against all odds, brand new winner of the English Premier League. The bookmakers considered this unlikely, and the odds reached 5,000 pounds. As the season progressed and the team continued to lead the Premier, the bookmaker withdrew the odd before the end of the league and gave the fan 72,000 pounds.

From 0.5 to 9,773.10 Euros In A Bet

In 2018, a member and supporter of Betis played a combined bet on fourteen games with only 50 cents. It only predicted the result (not the score) of the match. Seeing that he had already thirteen out of fourteen winning soccer bets in the combination, the bookmaker offered to close the bet for 4,000 Euros. But, the player rejected the offer. He only had his team's game left. So, he trusted the Sevillian team, which won his game and gave his fan the figure indicated above.

The Bet Of 125 To 1

This bet occurred in England when a Liverpool fan bet on the great aim and ability of Xabi Alonso. The bet established that the Spaniard would manage to score a goal from his field throughout the entire competition. Besides, the goal had to be for one of the English competitions. Finally, that year Xabi Alonso scored a goal from his field against Luton Town for the FA Cup and made this fan win a total of 28,000 pounds, having only bet 200 pounds.

Betting On a Draw Pays Off

Another big bet occurred when two Deportivo de La Coruña fans bet that their team would draw with Barcelona.  ​​The amazing part of the story was that Barcelona was none less than the Champions League winner of that year. The match ended 2-2, and the fans won 1,913 Euros, having bet only 10.

A Bite Of 50,000 Euros

Luis Suarez is well known for the bites he has given his rivals throughout his sports career. In the 2014 World Cup, a Norwegian bookmaker launched a bet that it paid 175 to 1 if Suarez bit someone again. And so it was, Suarez bit Chiellini in an Uruguay against Italy, and no less than 167 people won 50,000 Euros in prizes for having that hunch. The betting world can offer so much fun, and you can find very curious soccer bets.

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