How To Win By Always Betting On Away Team
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How To Win By Always Betting On Away Team
Date : February 15,2022
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Tips To Win Betting On Away Team

Always betting on the visiting team is another of the many strategies and methods we can use to bet on football. This bet is easy to understand and consists of betting on the team playing away from home. Always betting on away team can be good since it increases the odds considerably, and this is so even when the team playing away from home is highly favorable. For example, at home, the odds for that team could be only 1.10, while as a visitor, it may be 1.40 or more. On the other hand, things can go wrong if you do not adequately analyze the match. In this sense, we should not believe that the favorite and the weakest teams always play the same from home or away from home. Many times the weaker team, thanks to its local condition, manages to match the party, and for the visitor, it could be more challenging to win in this condition. Always betting on away team can be pretty risky. Therefore, those teams' odds are much higher than that of the locals. Usually, the vast majority of visiting teams risk less when they leave their court, and these teams often consider it reasonable to get only one point in this condition. 

Odds Based Strategy To Bet On Away Team

According to statistics, betting on away team with odds less than or equal to 1.65 produces a long-term benefit, that is, over at least one season. The reason is that the bookmakers' profit margin is in our favor when this condition is met (6% in our favor). As you know, the actual probability that a team wins or loses is not the probability expressed by the offered odds. The bookies take into account other factors to maximize their winnings. So, by consistently betting on home wins, our profit margin would be -10%, and meanwhile, betting on away wins, the margin would be -15%. Therefore, if we bet blindly (which is not a good idea), it is more profitable to bet on wins at home than on wins away. Likewise, the statistics also show that betting blindly on the big favorites (those with odds less than 1.20) almost eliminates our margin of loss relative to the bookies. However, using this system will profit if we base our bets on large statistical data in the long run. For example, suppose we have a game between Everton and Manchester City. The odds are 1.62 for Manchester City's victory, and Guardiola's team is playing away from home, and the odds are less than 1.65, so this game fits the system, and we'll bet on the citizen team.

Using The X2 Betting Market In Visitor Bets

Usually, the "Double Chance" market is suitable for betting on closed games, with difficult predictions, without a clear favorite. The idea is to take advantage of when the strongest teams visit others that are competitive but are not at the top of the standing. For instance, if we see Barcelona or Real Madrid facing a risky visit and believe that the game may be hard for them, we would have a chance to bet on the visitors. This way, we bet against a result and cover 66.66% of the possibilities. However, since we benefit from two alternatives out of three possible, the odds will be lower.

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