Kylian Mbappé - The Best Player In France Ligue 1
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Kylian Mbappé - The Best Player In France Ligue 1
Date : July 21,2021
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Kylian Mbappé - The Best Player

Kylian Mbappé is a 21-year-old player, but he became the best player in France, Ligue 1 already. This is something worth noticing. So, every achievement he reaches ratifies the bright future he has ahead of him. We initially saw Kylian Mbappé back in the 2016/17 season playing for Monaco. His performance in his first Ligue 1 season was outstanding. He took part in 44 games and was able to score up to 26 goals. His contribution helped AS Monaco to take away the Ligue 1 title as well. Since the following year, he is playing with PSG and won three other league titles in a row. Until now, Mbappé has been able to win ten different domestic titles! He won the Ligue 1 four times, one with Monaco and the rest with PSG. Likewise, he got two French cups, two French Super Cups, and two League Cups. This youngster already won more titles than those many veterans players would desire to have won.

Kylian Mbappé Statistic

As for his detailed stats, the numbers show how influential and dominant this forward has been in the Ligue 1. During the last four seasons, he played 122 league matches scoring 86 scorings and giving 39 goal passes. It means he participated in more than one goal per match! And if we research his stats in other domestic tournaments, we'll find that his performance is similar or better. That's not all. Kylian Mbappé was a prominent player in the past 2018 World Cup. Based on these statistics, we can predict he will secure many other trophies in the coming future. For example, we hope Mbappé wins a Champions League title and European Championship with France within the upcoming year.

Kylian Mbappé In PSG

In this sense, playing for PSG created an ideal environment for him to show himself internationally. Besides, he is a powerful force in international competitions as well. In 38 Europe League and Champions League appearances, he achieved 18 goals and 17 assists. Indeed, Ligue 1 is not as competitive as Premier League or La Liga. However, World Cup 2018 was one of the most prominent opportunities for Mbappé to show off his greatness. He grabbed the fans' attention worldwide when he scored against the Peru team in one of the group matches. This was a perfect start. Then, the two goals he scored against Argentina further contributed to his success.

Kylian Mbappé In International Events

Playing for the World Cup before 20 is a dream for many. Though, the French forward achieved it. Moreover, he is one of the France team's key players. Based on his current facts, we can predict that Mbappé could become a Champions League winner soon. His outstanding dribbling capabilities and his incredible pace will lead him to reach more success. Also, Kylian Mbappé's ability to do precise shots will further assist him in winning trophies.

Thanks to his performance and achievements, we must conclude that Kylian Mbappé is one of the best players in French Ligue 1 and the entire world. He has been able to lead his teams to many outstanding victories in his short career. So, imagine the number of titles, goals, and incredible plays this young star will offer us in the future.

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