How Postponed Europa League Because Of Coronavirus Affecting Clubs
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How Postponed Europa League Because Of Coronavirus Affecting Clubs
Date : August 25,2020
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How Europa League Clubs Effected By Coronavirus

The Coronavirus has altered soccer development worldwide. The European soccer leagues were entering their final stage. So, the respective champions were about to be defined. However, this year everything stopped due to the Covid-19's expansion. Now, clubs try to resist the impact of this suspension. If we watch the 2020 UEFA Europa League participating teams, we will find exciting elements to consider. These elements can tell us how postponed Europa League matches due to the Coronavirus spread will affect the clubs.

How Suspension By Coronavirus Affects Europa League Clubs?

Several weeks have passed since the European leagues' suspension started. So, we could see changes in these tournaments' schedules. In this sense, UEFA is handling the possibility of making the Europa League and Champions League final rounds in August this year. Likewise, UEFA is considering holding national league matches on weekdays. Also, we could see the Europa League and Champions League matches on weekends. On the other hand, the 2020-2021 qualifying rounds of these competitions could be delayed. From an economic point of view, teams participating in the 2020 Europa League edition are facing a hard challenge.

We must remember that most of UEFA Europa League teams are small-sized markets' teams. Most of them don't belong to the big five European soccer leagues. You just have to compare their names with those that usually play the UEFA Champions League. Usually, most of these clubs are in the middle of their respective league standings. They live fighting for a spot to the next Europa League season. Now, they will have to face logistic expenses by the matches' resumption. In parallel, their primary income sources, such as matchday revenue, media rights, and commercial income, will be affected. They have no generated incomes in weeks. Besides, they could not perceive earnings by selling tickets when the competition resume.

Like many others globally, teams that remain competing in the UEFA Europa League would not receive ticket sales revenue because the next matches could be played behind closed doors. They would even have to refund the value of previously sold tickets. Smaller clubs are more vulnerable to stadium closings, as ticket sales mean cash flow for them. Regarding transmission rights, TV companies could request a refund by the pending matches. Something similar could happen with the teams' sponsors in the commercial aspect. There are also bonuses that UEFA grants teams for their performance or disputed matches. These incomes would also be at risk.

According to UEFA, the 2019/20 Europa League would generate 510 million euros, which will be distributed among the participating teams and would be necessary for many of them. But now, this amount could be significantly reduced. Many small teams are trying to make up for potential losses by cutting wages and even laying off staff, affecting the staff of small teams, including their players and coaches, much more.

Overcoming these challenges will not be easy for many soccer teams worldwide. Yet, we hope that football can recover soon from this situation.


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