How Covid-19 Effecting Worldwide Soccer Events
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How Covid-19 Effecting Worldwide Soccer Events
Date : August 03,2020
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Covid-19 & Worldwide Soccer Events

Not ever since World War II, there has been such a disruption as seen this year in worldwide professional sports, including soccer. Covid-19 has changed (almost wiped out) the face of games as we know it, and only a handful of countries had remained their soccer leagues actives, yet at closed doors. While all major soccer leagues pretty much shut down, team players, executives, and most people involved (fans included) are trying to deal with this threatening new reality.

We've seen several leagues restarting their training and games behind closed doors with strict security measures, even though the pandemic's impact on soccer worldwide is immensely immeasurable. The image of full stadiums has faded and will remain that way until the pandemic ends. Overall, health could be guaranteed, which translated into an economic tragedy for the clubs now urge to resume activities. The only positive side is the most critical world's soccer leagues had already played approximately 75% of their calendar.

Nevertheless, UEFA is working on alternative calendars for soccer to return. Not only organizing local and international leagues but for its two big competitions (Champions League and Euro League) to be delayed. But, for this to happen, different leagues must restart calendars under the approval of each country's government. Although this represents a significant change in the way world soccer is traditionally enjoyed by audiences who will only be able to see it through the screen, unable to attend stadiums, it is the only way to get the sport back on track.

According to the firm KPMG, the monetary losses due to the drop in soccer activities have been in nearly 4,500 million euros. The consultant assured that among the great five leagues in the world (Spain, Italy, Germany, France, and England), the English Premier League would take the worst part, around 1,250 million euros. Only in television rights, the most-watched league in the world would stop receiving about 800 million euros for the rest of the season.

Germany Bundesliga is back

After a 66-day hiatus, no thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Bundesliga resumed its games with highly conditioned preparation. This happened behind closed doors and with very high health prevention measures. Bundesliga had the attention of the entire world, especially from several major European leagues that will return to the stadiums in a few days. So, the spotlight is already on the German league, since it is the first significant football league to restart after the crisis caused by the Covid-19. Despite the doubts that may exist between the teams and the fans, a few days ago, it was approved to resume the season's schedule. Although in France, for example, it was decided to end the First Division's season.

Regardless of the great affectation due to the pandemic, the most important leagues are doing their best to return to the fields. It is evident: Soccer will not disappear, but yes, its return will be very different from the times when fans massively attended stadiums. A new era has already begun. Time will tell if the Bundesliga (and other leagues) effort to play again is the right choice. Let's hope it is.


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