The US sports betting landscape expected to change in 2018
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The US sports betting landscape expected to change in 2018
Date : July 25,2018
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Sports betting is a huge industry that is here to stay. In the US, attempts to legalize sports betting could shift the betting landscape this year. New Jersey has continued to make relentless efforts towards the legalization of betting. 2018 may just be their year of victory.

In early December 2017, the Supreme Court heard the Christie VS NCAA case. In this case, the governor of New Jersey found himself in a legal battle with several professional sports leagues and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).

New Jersey has been engaged in a long legal battle. The bone of contention is adding sports betting among other legally permissible gambling activities. This battle has attracted opposition and applause almost in equal measure. New Jersey’s legal battle began in 2010 when they sought to change the regulatory landscape to allow sports fans to place wagers.

In its arguments, New Jersey asserts that the Professional and Amateur Protection Act (PASPA) does not give Congress the powers to ban sporting acts. As it stands, sports betting is still considered illegal. Sports betting organizations and leagues such as the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB have continued to mount pressure on Congress to overturn the decision. 

The ruling of the Supreme Court will have a huge impact on other states. Minnesota is one of the states expected to move to court to have sports betting legalized. If the Supreme Court legalizes betting, many businesses are likely to benefit, and this will generate revenue for the government. The large tax revenue should be a key consideration in the expected ruling. Currently, around 15 states including Michigan, New York, and South Carolina have their eyes on the Supreme Court ruling in New Jersey. It is expected that they will also move to court for a legislation attempt at legalizing sports betting.

As evidenced, the betting landscape is expected to make a big shift in 2018 hopefully to the delight of fans who wish to place wagers and earn from their love of the games.

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