Five most stylish players in the world of football
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Five most stylish players in the world of football
Date : May 25,2018
Author : Oscar Holt Categories : Gone are the days where only a shirt and baggy pants would do for a player on his after-match interview duty.
Nowadays, the fashion race off the pitch is as important as getting into the 1st team and with all the media attention, football players are under tremendous pressure to deliver regarding fashion, especially when one wrong decision can go viral in just a couple of minutes. 
Here are our picks for five most stylish players in the world of football:

5. Marco Borriello
The former Milan, Juventus and Roma striker is definitely one of the players with a refined fashion sense. Il Bomber might have never shown his true potential on the pitch, but we will always remember him for all the fashion shows, red carpets, and cocktail after parties where he was naturally, the star of the night. While at Roma, he even developed his trademarked haircut that became viral among other footballers and young people around the world. He is the obvious candidate for the 5th place on our list of most stylish players in the world of football.

4. Andrea Pirlo
Classy, elegant, cool, that’s Andrea Pirlo. The ex-Juventus and Milan midfielder is undeniably the king of ‘’simple fashion’’. Pirlo is definitely not one of those guys who will rock yellow or pink colors with crazy haircuts or a blanched beard just to get attention. He always knew how to keep things under control in the most transparent way. Whether you look at his dressing sense, his hair or his perfectly shaped beard, simple details are what makes Pirlo look, swanky.

3. Pablo Osvaldo
Unsurprisingly, another Italian on our list of 5 most stylish football players. The Johnny Depp lookalike enjoys a little bit more funky style compared to that of Pirlo or Borriello. Osvaldo or ‘’Danny ’’ as he like his teammates to call him is your unusual, luring, catchy type of fashionista. His passion for music (he is a Rolling Stones super fan) and his impulsive personality have certainly played a huge part in developing a normal fashion style, most of us could dream off. Being divergent takes courage and courage is Pablo’s biggest strength.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo
It’s easy to dress well when you are one of the wealthiest people in the world right? Not so sure about that…
Having a good dress taste is something you are born with. Born in Portugal, Ronaldo always had this urban, trend and at the same time luxurious fashion style. After all, when possessing such a muscular, perfectly fit figure, everything looks tailored. Jeans, suit, sneakers, elegant shoes, you name it… Every piece known to fashion would suit the Real Madrid star.

1. David Beckham
The perfect and obvious candidate to be named king of fashion among football players. Sexy, Splendid, Classy, Mod. There are so many words that David Beckham fashion style can be described with. Fans heavily denounced him for not putting the efforts into fulfilling his rich footballing potential, and they were probably right, but when it comes to fashion, he is merely the idol.
While in his prime, his next move was so widely tracked that paparazzi were paid double if they’ve come up with inside fashion info for the magazines. Choose whatever style you want to add the tattoos, his supremely trimmed haircut, flirtatious smile, and you have the sexy beast that no women can resist.

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