2022 Six (6) Proven Formula To Win In Soccer Betting
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2022 Six (6) Proven Formula To Win In Soccer Betting
Date : September 02,2022
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2022 Proven Formula To Win In Soccer Betting

Successful punters tend to have one thing in common: perfecting a betting strategy that works for them. However, not all punters with betting strategies become proficient or average bettors. In addition to betting strategies, punters should seek to repeat winning formulas to win consistently. They include making soccer wagers at specific times, making particular types of stakes, utilizing specific soccer betting markets, and anything a punter can repeat under similar circumstances and expect to win most of their wagers.

How To Win Consistently Making Soccer Wagers?

Punters stand to make better wagers and win more consistently using the following:

1. Statistical Analysis

Punters that use statistical analysis as part of their wagering process have an advantage over punters that don’t. Statistical analysis includes understanding correlation, variation, deviation, consistency, anomalies, averages, and how teams tend to perform under similar circumstances. A punter uses correlation to compare how one team performs with the results of the rest of the Premier League week in and out. Punters can analyze years and multiple data games on free statistical software such as R, Python, Sheets, or Excel. However, each statistical tool takes time for a punter to understand and apply efficiently. For example, punters have access to the last 25 years of Premier League data. However, the punter needs to have the idea of categorizing the data based on team performance (North versus South, Home versus Away, or teams scoring first versus second).

2. Match Metrics

Match metrics are important game factors that have an impact on the outcome of a game. While most soccer games have an element of chance and luck, they can predict most games based on past match metrics involving the playing teams. Important soccer match metrics include goals scored, expected goals ratio, clean sheets, performance at home and away from home, assists, key players, match-day squad, and other vital stats. Using metrics, punters can gauge the probable result of a game to a certain degree of accuracy (although not 100%). Punters can access match and League metrics from official FIFA.com or official soccer league sites like the Premier League or La Liga.

3. Betting News

Betting news is an essential factor for punters to consider when making wagers. Some punters make wagers right before the start of a game based on the squad lists released right before the game. Sometimes, players may get injured during warmup, which can impact the squad, chemistry, and team performance. Suppose a key player is damaged, or even a regular player playing in a critical position is injured. In that case, a punter can make a profit by considering this news in their wagering decision. Punters must consider where they access their information because not all sources for soccer betting are legitimate. Punters also need access to information as soon as possible because team news impacts financial betting decisions. Access to the report later than expected can result in a punter losing out on the opportunity to gain profit or, even worse, sustaining a loss.   

4. Odds For The Same Bet

Punters should compare the odds for the exact match provided by different providers. If a punter knows which game they will place a wager on, the next objective is selecting the most profitable odds for that match. A punter is looking to capitalize on a value betting situation. Most punters have access to slightly different odds for the same game depending on the bookie’s risk tolerance and the number of wagers already placed on a particular outcome.

5. Multiple Betting Markets

Some of the most successful punters tend to operate in multiple betting markets. It’s tough for a punter to consistently capitalize on different opportunities while working in a single betting market. Punters that use in numerous betting markets, such as Asian handicap, BTTS, goalscorer, FTTS, etc., have access to multiple opportunities in each market.

6. Low Risk and High Reward

Any investor or punter’s objective is to capitalize on higher rewards while undertaking as little risk as possible. Punters should look to make wagers with the best possible return, on as little risk as possible.



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